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The Federal Parliament of Belgium
Information about Belgium’s constitution and tours around the Chamber of Representatives and the Belgian Senate

Belgian Federal Government Online
All you need to know about Belgium and its government


Danish Parliament
An introduction to the Danish parliament and how it works

Danish Ministry of Justice
The official website of the Danish Ministry of Justice


Access to 4760 public sites connected to government agencies and services, including local, national, European and international organisations and foreign states

The French Prime Minister’s website
A good reference site to find out about France’s Prime Minister and his tasks, along with the day-to-day activities of the government

The French National Assembly
Important things about the French National Assembly

Official website of the President of France
Access to a variety of pages connected to the president, the Élysée and its institutions

The French Ministry of Justice
Covers the organisation, activities and services provided by the Ministry of Justice

The French Senate
Find out about the senate, recent legal developments and read parliamentary business


German Parliament
Official site of the German parliament where information about its organisations, members and legislation can be found

German Government
NachrichtenOfficial website of the German government, explaining all you need to know about the federal government and giving background information. It also features issues that appear in the news


The Parliament of the United Kingdom
Information about Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords

Court Service Website
Judgements and weekly legal updates



Italian Parliament
Official website of the Italian parliament with links to the lower house of parliament (camera dei deputati) and the upper house of parliament (senato). It describes how the parliament works and gives information about recently passed laws

Italian Government
Official website of the Italian government, which describes the government’s activities, organisations and members. It also features a good newsletter and has links to several important official legal websites

The Italian Court of Justice
Official website of the Italian court of justice, with all you need to know about its activities, organisation and service. The Italian constitutional law and recent sentences are also available


The Dutch Parliament
The official website with general information about the election procedures and the history of the senate, and information on the members of parliament

Ministry of Justice
Covers organisational, topical and policy issues in the Netherlands


Portuguese Parliament
Official website of the Portuguese parliament, which includes information about the constitution, parliamentary activities and a guided tour around São Bento Palace


Scottish Parliament
Official website of the Scottish parliament


Spanish Parliament
Official website of the Spanish parliament

Official bulletin of the State
Databases and legislative information

Ministry of Justice
Official homepage of the Spanish Ministry of Justice


The Library of Congress
The nation’s oldest federal cultural institution

International Information Programme
The IIP is the principal international strategic communication service for the foreign affairs community